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Kim Sells Houses Is Here To Help Simpsonville and Surrounding Areas Residents To Become Home Owners!

With our Rent-To-Own Program, we can help you become a homeowner even if your credit is not perfect and you can not qualify for a traditional loan. We have helped people in all kinds of situations so please do not prejudge whether we can help you or not. Our goal is for you to get into your very own home.

ABOUT US – Kim Sells Houses

We are the go-to resource for all you Simpsonville and Surrounding Areas renters to find rent-to-own properties of a standard that you will love in the Simpsonville and Surrounding Areas area.

On a continuous basis, we are adding to our inventory of new homes for you to choose from.

To receive the full list of rent-to-own properties you can get started here

Getting A Home – Why Choose Us To Help You?

The Kim Sells Houses business model is straightforward. We seek out the right homes in Simpsonville and Surrounding Areas and give them some TLC. We make them ready for you to move in on a rent-to-own basis. It gives us great satisfaction to help many who may not be able to qualify for a traditional mortgage to own their own home

If you are in this situation, you are not alone. We are here to help you and the many others in the same situation. With our service, you can get around the credit problem and move forward with their goal of owning your own home. We want to help folks as you get around this roadblock. That’s who we are and what we do. In these challenging times we are here to help and support families within our community to have this home ownership opportunity.

How do we make it possible? By helping property sellers to put in place rent to own, lease-option or lease-purchase agreements. In this way, we can match sellers with rent to own tenants who may not have access to a mortgage.

Move into your ideal home right now and get the process of home ownership underway without delay.

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